Blessed to be born as an Indian I, Rashmi Patil, am always a learner of ancient Indian knowledge of Spirituality and Ayurveda. My family follows a simple Ayurvedic lifestyle for a healthy life. Ayurveda places great importance on one’s pathya, or lifestyle (eating habits & daily routine). Ayurveda also provides guidance on how to adjust our lifestyle based on the change of seasons.

Discouraged by the harsh soaps and skin care available in market, I began creating my own natural handmade products.

When we started using my first handmade soap we fell in love with touch of the lather as it was very smooth lotion like and creamy!. There was a complete noticeable difference, skin was no more itchy and scratchy on the contrary it was smooth, shining and problem free.

Using my skin care soap became a part of an Ayurveda custom for us. As it was an experience like bathing with Ubtan. It is a special blend of medicinal herbs, flour of whole grains and pulses, special oils made with the process given in Samhitas i.e Ayurveda Granthas, milk, ghee and butters mixture used for bathing. It is effective but a lengthy process for today’s lifestyle. Handmade soap with such ingredients comes really handy that can be carried easily wherever we go.

My husband’s age old Tinea Versicolor (a fungal infection of the skin) was completely vanished with handmade soaps that I made with help of Ayurveda. This experience boosted a researcher in me to go further into it, as it certainly proved to be something more than just a soap!. I continued to handcraft each batch of cold process soap from scratch using unique combination that have formulated to naturally clean, sooth, heal, nourish and moisturize skin.

SkinMudra soaps gently cleans and moisturize at the same time and also the added herbs works for benefit of the skin. Regular use of these soap showed result such as dark areas of elbows and knees started lightning and softening, stretch marks started disappearing!

In true words “a spa bath experience” without going to spa center as told by relatives, friends and customers.