How SkinMudra soaps are made?

SkinMudra soaps are handmade small controlled batches, this ensures high quality & care. Nothing is out sourced we takecare of all homemade soap process right from start to finished product in your hands.

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What ingredients are used in our products?

Only natural & organic ingredients used in our products. We ensure the quality and freshness of the ingredients by handpicking and personal indulgence.

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How to know if the soap bar I am buying is natural and safe for my skin?

Always read the ingredients on a soap label/cosmetic label before you buy.

For your information following are commercial bar ingredients: unknown and unpronounceable.

Lauric Acid – also know as SLS, this is a foaming agent and synthetic detergent, commonly used as a degreaser in shampoos. An unfortunate side effect of stripping your skin’s natural oils can be irritation and drying of the skin.

Sodium Isethionate – A synthetic detergent. Used in shampoo as an anti-static agent.

Sodium Stearate – A surfactant, which basically means it clings to dirt and helps water rinse it off.

Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate -A synthetic detergent, and may dry or irritate skin, especially sensitive skin.

Maltol – Primarily used as a flavor enhancer, also to create a sweet fragrance in some products. There’s been a study (on mice) that showed this helped them absorb aluminum.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine – A synthetic surfactant derived from coconut oil and Dimethylaminopropylamine.

Sodium Tallowate – it is tallow or beef fat. Tallow is a fat from around the loins and/or kidneys of a cow.

Tetrasodium EDTA -Used in place of parabens, this is a water softener and preservative made from formaldehyde and sodium cyanide. It also reduces soap scum and improves lather. Mixed studies found there about whether it absorbed by the skin or not.

Tetrasodium Etidronate – Another water softener. It helps to prevent the magnesium and calcium in your water stick to the bathtub and create soap scum.

Titanium Dioxide -A whitening agent.


And let’s see Handmade soap Ingredient

An example of SkinMudra Gir cow milk handmade natural soap ingredients:

yes, pronounceable and knows almost all of it!

Fresh Gir cow milk, Virgin coconut oil, Virgin Safflower oil, Olive oil pomace, castor oil, Raw Kokam butter, Turmeric Extract, Wild honey, Keshar and *sodium hydroxide (lye).

*Though lye is used for converting oils into soap & not remains after the completion of saponification process.


What is the shelf life of SkinMudra soap bars?


Always keep your soap bars and other natural products in a cool and dry place. If you are not using a soap bar, wrap it in a butter paper and keep it in a cool and dry place. Soap bars will remain good for more than a year or few years if they stored properly. Our soap bars shelf life is one year although they may last for a couple of years, if stored properly. . Natural colorants may fade with time but this will not effect the quality of the SkinMudra soap.


Why natural soap bars do not lather much like commercial soap bars?

Commercially available soap bars create lots of lather as chemical lathering agents & detergents are added in it.

Natural handmade soap bars, on the other hand are specifically formulated for high moisturizing & mild cleansing properties. The lather quality of our soap bars is more creamy lotion like. The creamy lather moisturises the skin while bubbly lather binds with the dirt and sebum on skin and washes it with water. A soap must have a balance of cleansing and moisturising. Our soap bars are the mildest you can find, as we have carefully formulated our soap bars that will gently cleans and well moisturize the skin.